JAWS for Windows: Quick Ways to Get Help & Beginner Resources (Assistive Technology Webinar)

Wednesday, July 10, 2024, from 10 am to 11 am PT

Are you new to JAWS or want to improve your JAWS skills? Join Mark Schafer from Access Ingenuity to learn about the JAWS help tools, such as Keyboard Help and Screen Sensitive Help, and explore the help menu for additional support, including manuals and online resources. This webinar is not just a learning opportunity—it's a chance to connect with our team of accessibility experts. Expect an interactive session with examples and a dedicated Q&A segment to address all your questions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Windows Help, Screen Sensitive, & FS Reader
  • Access help menu options for manuals and web resources.
  • Search for JAWS commands and functionalities in applications.
  • Share free training web resources including the Freedom Scientific Training YouTube channel, Free Webinars Training page, Surf's Up Training website, etc.

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