Accessibility Training

Access Ingenuity provides beginner to intermediate level trainings about a variety of digital accessibility topics to meet your needs. All trainings can be performed either remotely or on-site.

Sample topics are described below – call us to discuss customized trainings!

Document Accessibility Training

  • Creating Accessible PDF Documents to comply with WCAG 2.1, and 2.2 Level A and AA Requirements
  • Creating Accessible PDFs from MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Creating Accessible PDFs Forms
  • Creating Accessible PDFs from InDesign
  • Testing PDFs for Accessibility
  • Creating Effective and Engaging Alternate Text for STEM
  • Using JAWS to Test PDFs for Accessibility
  • PDF/Document Customized “Short Issues” Training & Guidelines (1 Hour): First, we investigate what type of accessibility issues you have with your documents.  We then develop Accessibility Guidelines and a Checklist specifically for your use.  Finally, we demonstrate how to use those guidelines along with Before and After examples of your document.
  • PDF/Document Customized “Implementation” Training (4 Hours): Building off the “Short Issues” course above, the Implementation training will walk you through the steps in implementing the guidelines.  This includes using tools in Acrobat Professional, as well as the original authoring applications.

Website & Mobile App Training

  • Understanding WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 Level A and AA Requirements
  • Using JAWS to Test Websites for Accessibility
  • Using Voiceover to Test Websites for Accessibility

End User Training

One-on-One Assistive Technology Training. Our professional trainers are well versed in the following popular programs:

  • JAWS
  • VoiceOver
  • NVDA
  • ZoomText
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • VictorReader Stream

Testimonials from Valued Access Ingenuity Clients

  • Natalie R.

    When I first started, I underwent an evaluation. During this process, the AT training staff at Access Ingenuity took the time to get to know me, particularly my past education in AT training. I had participated in AT training in a group setting and realized that learning in a group setting wasn’t for me. Discovering that Access Ingenuity offers one-on-one training, I knew this was my opportunity to engage with their services. Accepting their services for one-on-one training, I was confident I would fulfill my goal of furthering my education. This has been and continues to be an important stepping stone for me. Access Ingenuity is known for supporting students like myself to meet the goal of completing AT training. One of the first lessons I started with was completing various typing lessons using the JAWS program, Fun with TypeAbility. I was also tested at the end of each month on my typing speed progress, which gave me an idea of how much I had progressed since I started. After completing those lessons, I moved on to learning Windows commands, knowing when to use them, and the use of JAWS commands. Furthermore, I learned about cutting, copying, and pasting text, fonts and attributes, File Explorer, navigating File Explorer with JAWS Commands, navigation quick keys, using the ribbons menu, dialogue boxes, find and replace, the use of footnotes, headers, how to use Excel, and learning about the backstage view in Microsoft Word. Eventually, I began learning how to use Outlook and started navigating the internet. As a longtime braille user, I was taught how to use the Focus 40 braille display, starting with an introduction to the different keys of the Focus and their functions. Lastly, I began learning how to use the Focus with the computer. Every lesson I had included notes for me to study, questions, and an exercise. Some of these lessons involved using the Focus. The one-on-one AT training has provided me with a more in-depth learning experience compared to learning in a group. And though my AT training journey isn’t over yet, I will value and utilize these skills when taking the next steps towards a career.

    JAWS Screen Reader End User

  • Ron N.

    I am not exaggerating when I say Ian Ramos is an intelligent, caring, focused, disability-aware, hard-working, and access technology-knowledgeable individual. I am so impressed with Ian's kind and knowledgeable assistance with our Merritt College Student Accessibility Services program over the years, especially regarding "access" to everything. Observing Ian work on our testing room's accessible desks with great speed and accuracy these last few days has left me amazed once again. Thank you so much, Ian, for all you have done for our program and for students with disabilities.

    Merritt College

  • Christina P.

    Access Ingenuity is the best agency I have ever worked with for any technology training. I worked with Marisa Church for several years, and she has been wonderful. For example, we cover many important things when it comes to using Microsoft Office, navigating different websites, and using Zoom. Those lessons coverages worked and continue to work for participating and keeping up with many different circumstances, such as college, employment seeking and prep, and lively virtual meetings anywhere. In addition, we covered how to use the iPhone effectively, dealing with different texts for verification codes, authenticators, dual mobile, etc. Then, we learned about more publicly or widely used apps, such as library and different reading platforms. All the training is taught thoroughly and is well understood. Using her and the agency helps me verify that I am never lying to myself or any others (public agencies and people) when something is not accessible or has changed. Those would be websites, links, and certain documents. Overall, I can believe I know what I am learning and doing, even if it is to discover an incompatible or inaccessible circumstance with JAWS or an iOS app.

    JAWS Screen Reader End User

  • Mark G.

    The course was relevant, concise, & to the point. Very good approach of having overview, handouts and actual hands-on followed by review. Well done!

    Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

  • Kassandra G.

    As someone who is newly losing their sight, Marisa has done a wonderful job helping me through this transition. Her training and social skills are spectacular, making me feel happy and ready to enter training on the days we meet. Every lesson helps me excel and meet new goals. She creates well-structured assignments that meet the goals of memorizing, learning, implementing, and overall understanding how JAWS works. During these assignments, it is not as simple as showing once and then moving on. No, Marisa has great patience and takes the time to go over anything I need, and she encourages me with positive compliments that make me want to keep going further in my knowledge. I have had many bad encounters with people who don't really show much care for their clients. But I'm more than happy to say how wonderful being her client has been. I've never felt more heard and understood in my life than these past couple of months. I know I am in good hands and will leave this training with impeccable skills.

    JAWS Screen Reader End User

  • Diane L.

    Access Ingenuity provides excellent JAWS training, tailoring lessons to specific needs and focusing on essential steps without overwhelming beginners. The review activities are comprehensive, and the feedback is both encouraging and patient, making each session empowering. Special thanks to Marisa, and their tech guru Ian, for excellent communication regarding setup requirements. Highly recommended for their professionalism and thoughtful approach.

    JAWS Screen Reader End User