Document Accessibility

Our team is ready to help make certain that your digital content is accessible to users of all abilities.  Different file formats pose unique accessibility challenges and we can partner with you from creation to publication to ensure that the final product is accessible to everyone.

Document formats we can help ensure are accessible:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • EPUB
  • Structuring InDesign documents to create accessible PDFs

We Can Help:

  1. Evaluate – is your document currently accessible to people with disabilities? Does it meet established accessibility standards?
  2. Remediate – if your document is not fully accessible, let our experienced team make it fully compliant.
  3. Consult & Train – are you overwhelmed by the acronyms and technical details of document accessibility? We offer a variety of trainings that can be customized to your needs.

1. Document Evaluation

Access Ingenuity’s diverse network of accessibility specialists, assistive technology users, and professional consultants will evaluate your document based on WCAG 2.0/2.1, Section 508, PDF/UA, and EPUB 3 guidelines.

Following a specialized checklist that we have designed in-house following years of accessibility testing experience, we will:

  • Run automated checks;
  • Perform manual testing by carefully inspecting the document’s properties, PDF tags, reading order, links, and color contrast;
  • Utilize screen readers such as JAWS and/or NVDA;
  • Present our findings in a detailed report that includes suggestions for fixing any accessibility barriers we have discovered.

2. Document Remediation

Do not overlook the importance of document accessibility when spending the time and resources making your website accessible!

Access Ingenuity is the accessibility partner you are looking for because we are:

  • Responsive – we have the capacity to handle rush requests and 24-hour turnaround projects.
  • Flexible – we offer solutions to fit varying budgets and timelines.
  • Customer-focused – we work with your goals and deadlines in mind.
  • Experienced – we regularly remediate complex tables, forms, and multi-language text.

Let our team of experts transform your documents into fully compliant publications that users of all abilities can access. We will check for and remediate:

  • Document language(s) and metadata;
  • Alternate text for all images that are not merely decorative;
  • Headings, lists, table column and row headers, links, form field tooltips;
  • Color contrast;
  • PDF tags and reading order;
  • Accessibility with screen readers, keyboard-only, and other assistive technology.

3. Consult & Train

See our accessibility training page for more details on our training and consulting services.