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LyriQ Reader

LyriQ Reader

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The LyriQ Assistive Reader is designed to support individuals living with vision challenges. This scan-and-read device quickly scans printed documents and reads them aloud. Highly accurate and simple-to-use, the LyriQ can be used to access text such as books, prescriptions, and envelopes. Place the document on the device's base and in just a few seconds, the LyriQ starts reading. The Reader offers several benefits: it is responsive, compact, intuitive, and offers both battery and AC power. Enjoy effortless access to reading materials in any setting.


  • Easy to operate. Place a document and LyriQ will read it out loud – no buttons to press
  • Lightning fast. LyriQ will start reading instantly
  • Bluetooth enabled and Hearing Aids compatible
  • Weighs only 3 lbs and folds flat
  • 15 Hours battery life
  • Optional wireless keypad for advanced functions
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