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Zoomax Snow 12 – Portable Video Magnifier with Speech

Zoomax Snow 12 – Portable Video Magnifier with Speech

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The Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable video magnifier designed to improve visual independence for individuals with low vision. With a large 12" full-HD display and up to 19x magnification, it offers easy reading, writing, and object viewing. The detachable and foldable stand, along with adjustable contrast and touch screen control, make it user-friendly. It also features OCR and text-to-speech for full-page scanning and reading. Perfect for those in need of a reliable, digital magnifier.


  • Detachable & foldable stand
  • Full page scan & reading
  • Superior image quality
  • Adjustable high contrast color intensity
  • Comfortable Writing Space
  • Reading accessible instructional materials
  • Analog stick and touch screen control
  • Voice prompts
  • Power saving stand-by mode
  • OCR and text-to-speech in 20+ languages
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